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Course – Build Learning Capacity

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“Andy’s extensive knowledge helped us create cultural shifts and higher performance levels across our LEA.”

D. Summers, Head of Service, NE Lincolnshire LEA.

About this modular skills-based course

This course is an intensive ‘Master Class’ programme in creative coaching and mentoring will help you significantly improve your own performance, and that of your wider team and school through achieving discretionary effort.

It will enable you to build strong coaching skills by unlocking your potential in order to maximise your own performance. The emphasis is on coaching as a learning tool and goes far beyond anything you are likely have experienced before.

How to book this course

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You can:

  • Click the green 'Enquire' button on this page or on my shop page
  • Or email me.

When I have more information about your needs I will be able to give you a firm price based on:

  • The number of attendees
  • The degree to which the standard course content needs tailoring to your specific requirements
  • Whether or not you want to include post-course mentoring.

Course style

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Course content integrates the latest performance psychology with accelerated learning. By helping you to position these within the reality of your school or college life you’ll go away from this course confident of achieving guaranteed outcomes with immediate impact.

Like everything in life practice makes perfect, and the only effective way to learn to coach is ‘to do it’ and then ‘keep doing it’ more. In this experiential programme:

  • Coaching skills are frequently practised and regular feedback is given
  • A range of learning styles are used to develop deep learning - eg focused discussions, tutor demonstrations, observed coaching and the use of coaching DVDs
  • You’ll be supported to develop individual action plans so your learning will have immediate impact within your own school role
  • You‘ll be paired with a coaching partner to receive coaching between modules in order to maintain your personal development
  • National standards are a requirement so the programme has rigour and challenge throughout
  • The course timings will be scheduled to fit your requirements.

Who is the course for?

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This unique and challenging programme is specifically designed for educational leadership and will suit current or aspiring leaders in any educational setting.

Here are some of the reasons you might be prompted to book this course:

DO YOU ...
... recognise the beneficial impact that a happy and high performing team has on learning outcomes?
But do you also sometimes feel uncertain about how to motivate your great teachers to become even better? If so, you’re far from alone - many share your dilemma.


DO YOU ...
... sometimes get frustrated with the performance of some of your team?
If so you’re in good company. 79% of leaders and managers say having tough conversations is highly challenging, and nearly 65% say giving authentic praise and appreciation to colleagues is also tricky.

What does it cover?

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The course covers:

  • What coaching is and isn’t
  • Ethics and standards in coaching
  • Qualities & attributes of a great coach
  • Building relationships & commitment
  • Problem centred -v- solution focused thinking
  • The conditions necessary for successful change to occur
  • How to ask insightful questions
  • The language of influence
  • Listening to understand
  • Setting action-oriented goals
  • Coaching and emotional literacy
  • Uncovering strengths and resources
  • Developing conscious competence
  • Holding courageous conversations
  • Coaching in meetings and teams
  • Applications for college improvement.

What are the benefits?

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Because you get judged on the results that your team achieve, attending the course will have a variety of benefits. In particular it will help you to:

  • Create a positive and emotionally intelligent working culture
  • Create a supportive, solution oriented climate within your team
  • Lead your team to improved performance by providing feedback and recognition
  • Deal with people who don’t pull their weight
  • Create independence and enhance creativity in your team
  • Understand the psychology of high performance behaviours
  • Support change management and growth effectively
  • Maximise the potential of each member of your team
  • Use improved communication to solve work-related problems
  • Maximise the achievement of your team or group
  • Ensure your students experience better quality learning
  • Demonstrate how you value and respect your team members and thus improve their responsiveness and co-operation
  • Provide challenge and rigour to the process of learning.

What do previous attendees say?

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“My light bulb moments were frequent and brilliant.” Head of Dept.

“The most useful and empowering training I have attended as a Headteacher. I have been supported and inspired.” Headteacher.

“This has transformed the way I see leadership and will have a significant impact on my school’s improvement.” Headteacher.






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You'll learn how to ...

  • Create a positive and emotionally intelligent working culture
  • Build a supportive, solution oriented team climate
  • Give more effective feedback
  • Deal with people who don’t pull their weight
  • Create independence and creativity in your team
  • Understand the psychology of high performance
  • Support growth and change management effectively
  • Maximise the potential of each team member
  • Use communication to solve work-related problems
  • Maximise team achievements
  • Deliver better quality learning experiences
  • Improve team responsiveness and co-operation.