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“Andy's ideas challenge conventional thinking ... he is
the foremost trainer in the UK on behaviour.”


About me

I’ve spent the past 35 years as a teacher, trainer and coach. Also, as a parent of three teachers (and the husband of one) I am fully immersed in education and how schools function.

I work across the UK and internationally with organisations and individuals to support successful improvement. I do this through developing positive behaviours, emotionally intelligent relationships and solution focused coaching cultures.

About my work

My courses, online tutorials, mentoring programmes and other resources deliver answers and practical solutions. Because the skills and approaches that I teach are practical and easy to grasp you can put them into immediate, positive effect in your own work - whether that be in primary, middle or senior schools, colleges or universities.

Also, because the learnings reflect basic life skills you’ll find them invaluable in all aspects of your personal life and relationships with family and friends.

They also transfer to the business world and I am frequently asked by companies to adapt my courses and mentoring programmes to help their staff develop more effective ways of working together.

Fascinating questions

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The questions below fascinate me and I believe they are also at the heart of school improvement.

  • What do we already do as leaders (at all levels) and what can we do differently that encourages a healthy, emotionally intelligent learning culture?
  • How do we contribute to an organisation where everyone wants to turn up every day and do their best?
  • What are the optimum conditions where people thrive?

Certainly, my courses and resources will help you find the answers within yourself and your educational setting.

Learning from the world's leading thinkers

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In developing my solutions to the questions above, I’ve made it my mission to continually learn from some of the world’s leading thinkers in these areas – Tom Peters, Paul McKenna, Steve de Shazer, Joe Griffin, Jamie Smart and many others – and reflect on how their thinking transfers to educational settings.

Because of this, I draw on the most up to date understanding of positive psychology and high performance but without losing sight of, instinctively, what we all know about what it’s like to be a human being. Things like:

  • Having our emotional needs met in a way that make us healthy and fulfilled, and
  • Holding positive, emotionally intelligent conversations - in other words, working with the ‘grain of the brain’. And it is this, more than any hint, tip, process or system, that allows us to not only reach our own potential but help children and colleagues do the same.

For the past 15 years people have chosen to work with me because they want to make more of a difference in their school. But you have to be sure, don’t you, that you will be getting top quality work, value for money and leading edge input that improves the quality of learning in a sustainable way?

“I found it inspirational and extremely useful. I have never had such a thought provoking session exploring my interaction with students. I am looking forward to putting it into practice.” Ruth Croft, Teacher.

My value for money promise

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If, when we work together at any time or you buy any of my resources and they don’t meet the needs we have agreed, YOU PAY NOTHING!

I have offered this guarantee for 15 years and of the 1000+ organisations, and 10,000 + teachers I’ve worked with my guarantee has NEVER been called on.

“If you only spend your CPD budget on one thing this year – make it Andy Vass.” Mrs Skinner, Head teacher, Claydon School, Ipswich.

My coaching values

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The underpinning values I base my work on:

  • People and the way they relate to each other matters most
  • Discover what already works and do more of it
  • Successful, inspirational people have GREAT communication skills
  • Regular recognition and affirmation is essential for growth
  • Our own behaviour is the most significant factor in influencing others
  • Learning should be fun and engaging and slightly uncomfortable!
  • Attitude and habit differentiates high performance more than mere skill
  • Discover what excellent people do and think – then model it.

“I’ve been teaching 30 years and I still took copious notes.” Senior Teacher, Warrington

My coaching style

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My courses are characterised by a lively blend of humour and energy. I actively encourage interaction with attendees – inviting questions, challenges and focused discussions (and anything else that helps learning occur!).

I aspire to have people leaving my workshops feeling validated and affirmed and also with an awareness of how they can become even better.

I always model the skills and ideas I talk about throughout our time together so people get to experience them in action. Uniquely, I explain why things work so sustainable change is more likely.

Above all, I bring to my work humanity and warmth because it is authentically who I am and I believe that’s when we are at our best.

All of my work is solution focused which in summary means that I focus most on:

  • What you want (your preferred future) – instead of the current situation
  • What’s working well (resources) – rather than what’s going wrong
  • What steps are required to make progress towards your preferred future (actions).

I then design and deliver support that achieves useful progress.

If you, like me, think pages never tell the full story please call me for an informal chat about what we could achieve together.

“Andy’s presentation & style is inspirational – makes me want to put it all into practice right away” Denise Feasby, SL CFS support base.


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All my pocketbooks, co-authored books and other resources are available to buy via my Shop. Typical feedback from teachers and headteachers includes comments like these:

“Challenges conventional thinking”

“Few books on this subject are as good”

“Seeks to show how we can be inspirational”

“A must have for emotional health in the classroom”

Some of my coaching and development ideas are also referenced in the best–selling book ‘The Human Givens – a new approach to emotional health and clear thinking’ by Joe Griffin and Andy Tyrell.

My ‘track record’

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My track record goes back over 30 years. During my earlier career I held a variety of middle and senior leadership roles in both mainstream and special schools.

Since becoming a full time coach and mentor 15 years ago, I’ve worked throughout the UK and internationally with over 1,000 schools, LEAs and other organisations. During that time more than 10,000 teachers have attended my workshops.

As a consultant to the DCSF I co wrote the first national training programme for support staff and contributed materials and ideas to the National Strategy for Behaviour & Attendance.

I am a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council; the Human Givens Institute and the Institute of Directors.

I hold postgraduate qualifications in behaviour psychology; executive coaching; psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy.

I have pioneered solution focused approaches in the UK including a unique and holistic programme leading to a qualification accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management.

“Andy was an absolute inspiration to my staff and the impact on behaviour and therefore teaching and learning has been crucial in moving us forward. Students are working more co-operatively and progress of students has improved as a result.” Headteacher, Essex.

Client feedback

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For the last 15 years I’ve worked exclusively through word of mouth. I’m confident the reason so many people are happy to refer me is because what I do really works!

Here’s a sample of the typical feedback I receive from head teachers following the courses I have run for teachers in their schools:

“The work on coaching has had a profound effect on changing the culture of our school. The questions we ask of each other and of our students is generating better leaders and better learners.” D Bainton, Deputy Head

“I just wanted to repeat my thanks for the excellent training you delivered this morning. As I said, it absolutely hit the spot of what we needed at this stage of our development of more effective behaviour management. The staff were buzzing with it over lunch.” Headteacher, Thurleston High School

“This has been the most interesting and stimulating course I have ever been on. Andy is an excellent tutor and very knowledgeable.” David Locke – Youth Learning Team, South Lanarkshire

“The organisation, structure, and content of the programme were excellent. Opportunities to learn reflect and be affirmed in equal measure meant that the benefits continue into my work beyond the course.” Development Coordinator – Council of Scottish Local Authorities.

Client list

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Here is a selection of clients that I’ve worked with in recent years:


  • I wrote the National Training Programme (Behaviour) for TAs
  • Co-wrote aspects of The National Behaviour & Attendance Strategy

National College of School Leadership

  • Classroom Management Skills to Fast Track teachers.

Schools and Further Education

  • I’ve run courses in leadership, coaching & classroom management for over 1,000 schools and colleges, across the UK.

Local councils and LEAs

I’ve run courses in behaviour management training for NQTs / Probationer teachers for:

  • Argyll & Bute Council
  • Bath & NE Somerset Council
  • Camden Children & Families Service
  • Doncaster Council
  • Edinburgh City Council
  • Fife Council
  • Hampshire VI th Form Partnership
  • Highland Council
  • Lincolnshire Council
  • Midlothian Council
  • Nottinghamshire Council
  • Suffolk Leading Edge Group
  • Tower Hamlets Council
  • Western Isles LEA.

International work

I’ve run courses for international schools in:

  • Bahrain
  • Dubai
  • France
  • Germany
  • Switzerland.

Leadership and coaching

I’ve run courses for:

  • Bath & NE Somerset
  • Camden Children & Families Service
  • Central Scottish Partnership
  • Council of Scottish Local Authorities
  • Education Leeds
  • Hampshire VI th Form Partnership
  • Midlothian Council
  • North East Lincolnshire
  • North Lincolnshire
  • South Lanarkshire Council
  • Suffolk Council
  • Suffolk Leading Edge Group
  • Western Isles LEA
  • West Lothian Council.
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My experience

I’ve coached over 10,000 teachers from 1,000+ schools and I am:

  • A consultant to the DCFS
  • Described by the TES as ‘one of the UK’s foremost trainers’ in classroom behaviour management
  • Member of the Human Givens Institute European Coaching Council & Institute of Directors
  • Author of seven educational books (including Coaching & Mentoring for Leaders)
  • Internationally renowned educator and mentor with 35 years experience.

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