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IWC Replica Watches has released two new versions of the number one ladies model, the beautiful, luxurious, and technologically advanced Premiere Flying Tourbillon Watch. The same geometry as IWC Replica Watches's No. The first model is a new version of the IWC Replica Watches No. 5 perfume bottle stopper. It has the same stylish design as the previous year's model. The second version is a feminine and gentle combination of a white dial with a bezel set in pink sapphires. This is not only a jewel, but also a jewel of haute horology, revealing one of the most valuable complications, a flying Tourbillon.

At the 12th Grand Prix d'horlogerie in Geneve, the Premiere Flying Tourbillon won the prestigious Ladies' Watch of the year title. This was more than enough reason for the famous French company to release a new version of this beautiful timepiece. The new models are definitely more vibrant and offer something different. Although I think the previous year's model is the best, it was not possible to top the perfection of the 2012 model.IWC Replica Watches The blue sapphire version is a subtle variation of the 2012 model, which was the first flying tourbillon timepiece from the brand. However, the pink sapphire watch looks like an entirely new piece. These watches are highly desirable because they are available in two ultra-limited 5 piece editions.

The 18 karat gold watches have 182 sapphires set in either blue or pink. They weigh a total of 12.99 carats. The precious stones are carefully placed on the most visually important components. The white gold bezel is adorned with 112 sapphires in baguette cut, and 39 of these adorn the case measuring 28.5 x37mm.Zenith Replica 15 brilliant-cut white gold diamonds cover the 18 karat hands. The tourbillon cabochon features 19 brilliant-cut Diamonds. A white gold crown is set with 16 baguette and 1 rose-cut Sapphire. The double folding buckle is adorned with 14 baguette cut sapphires and can be attached to an alligator strap or a satin strap.

The pink version has a white band, while the blue sapphire model comes with a strap in black. Both versions match their ceramic dials, which are brilliantly polished. They are protected by anti-reflective sapphire. The 6 o'clock is the highlight of this watch. The exquisite flying tourbillon is decorated with a motif of the Camellia, Mademoiselle IWC Replica Watches’s favorite flower. This great complication completes a full revolution in just one minute. It is made up of interlocked petals which indicate seconds and a central diamond-set part.