Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders
(includes manual and CD)

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Over 300 teachers have used this programme successfully. It is a comprehensive resource distilling 10 years of professional coaching experience into a practical step by step training programme to develop genuine and sustained professional development.

Offering over 40 hours of skills, practical activities and trainer notes it is guaranteed to enhance communication skills, reflective practice the ability to maximise potential. Because it is set in the context of today’s schools it means engagement and relevance for staff is assured.

The accompanying CD contains all the PowerPoint slides and activity sheets you require as well as the entire manual in pdf format.

My associated courses

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I offer a modular 4-day course called 'Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders'.

It’s about holding more effective conversations - both formally and informally - to enable people to thrive and demonstrate more of their potential more often.

It will help you develop and polish your own coaching skills so you can help your colleagues and others achieve more, be more effective and feel more fulfilled.

The programme includes a range of helpful techniques and insights that can be put into simple every day practice. Working with our tools and philosophy, the process of coaching and mentoring quickly becomes second nature. Before long you’ll find it becomes an ingrained behaviour – that’s when you and your colleagues can really start to experience and enjoy the results. The principles of successful conversations can make all the difference, not just at work but in all aspects of your human relationships.

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A masterclass in coaching and mentoring.